Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My morning radio show and the controversy

I have listened to Rob, Arnie and Dawn in the mornings for a long time. I don't always agree with some of the things that they say, but usually I just yell at the radio when that happens. Most of the time it is over Arnie being a fat tool and sticking his big foot in it.
Dawn is my favorite even though she is obnoxious at times. It takes special talent to deal with Rob and Arnie day in and day out.
We could be twins as far as our laughs go. I have never heard someone laugh as much as I do. Well now I have. Thank you Dawn! She laughs constantly and especially at her self. A girl after my own heart.
So yesterday while going to work it was announced that there would be no Rob, Arnie and Dawn show. WTF? We were directed to their website.
Here is the link and the video.
Like I said Arnie can be a real tool. I didn't hear this certain broadcast, but if I had I would have been yelling at the radio.
I have never worried that Cameron likes to wear dresses, or a tutu with his swim trunks to daycare. He also likes to wear his sisters pink wedgie shoes, and flip flops. I am not concerned that this will make him gay.Even if I was straight it wouldn't be a concern. I paint his toenails black or silver when he asks me too. He's around the two biggest diva's all day long what do you expect?
A lot of the sponsors and advertisers are pulling out over Arnie and his big mouth. I'll let you read the post and form your own opinion. But I think he really put his foot in it, maybe for the last time. Because even though I like him.... He is a big fat tool.
"You really put your foot into it this time Chizom, you HOTDOG!" That's from the movie Grease. Also if you go on youtube there are tons of videos of Rob, Arnie, and Dawn.

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